Our aim is to become an ever more sustainable, positive impact business.

We focus on the areas in which we can make the most significant contribution: our operations, the content and knowledge ICM’s brands provide and the communities in which we work.

March-Forward, our five year sustainability programme, contains ambitious commitments to embed sustainability into everything we do and help our customers and markets do the same.

ICM Sustainability Programme

March-Forward is ICM's approach to sustainable business.

Our aim is to become an ever more sustainable, positive impact business. Through the March-Forward programme, we are embedding sustainability into everything we do and seizing opportunities from helping our customers and markets do the same.

March-Forward is a structured three-part programme with ambitious commitments and a wide range of activities, covering ICM's business operations, our brands and products and our broader community impact.

When it comes to sustainability, we’re Marching-Forward.

Climate Impact
Managing the impacts of climate change is among the most pressing issues across society today.

At ICM, we are taking accelerated steps to reduce our carbon and waste footprint and to help our customers understand their own climate impacts, championing the shift to a lower carbon future across the specialist markets we work in.

Sustainable Products
It is important that our products and services are created and delivered in a sustainable way. But we also go further.

In every market, our customers are looking for knowledge and connections that help them understand, manage and seize opportunities from environmental and social developments.
That's why relevant sustainability content, features and partnerships are embedded throughout ICM's brands and products.

Community Impact
ICM's businesses, brands and colleagues are part of many different communities, from the professional communities our products and services support to the local communities in which we live and work.

We aim to multiply the positive impact ICM has by supporting and connecting our communities in a range of ways.

Recognition & Memberships
Our sustainability strategy and performance will be regularly evaluated by various independent research agencies, analysts and partners.

We aim to consistent in our approach and improve one the recognition that we will receive for our efforts and achievements as we will strive to become a champion of sustainability within our business and across the specialist markets we serve.

Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)
ICM will aim to be included in the DJSI World Index, which ranks listed companies on their achievements in economic, social and environmental areas relevant to long-term corporate performance.

ICM will strive to be member of CDP in 2024

ICM will aim for an AA MSCI ESG Rating, which measures a company’s resilience to long-term, financially relevant environmental, social, and governance risk. We will strive to be ranked in the top 5% of companies in our industry.

ICM will strive to be recognized by ratings agency ISS ESG and given a Corporate Rating of C+, putting us in the top 10% within our industry.

Ethibel Sustainability Index
ICM will aim to be a constituent of the Ethibel Sustainability Index Excellence Europe, recognizing that we will strive to be among the top companies in Europe in the area of sustainability.

ICM will strive to be a FTSE4Good Index Series member, demonstrating our strong environmental, social and governance practices.

Carbon Neutral
ICM will aim and work towards achieving CarbonNeutral® certification in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol, moving closer to reaching one of our Faster to Zero goals of becoming carbon neutral as a business and across our products by 2030.

Sustainalytics' ESG Risk Rating combines an assessment of exposure to industry specific material ESG issues and how well a company is managing those risks to arrive at an ESG Risk Rating that is comparable across all industries across five categories of risk: negligible, low, medium, high and severe. We will aim to follow the guidelines while planning our Future Policy and approach towards Risk Rating.

Race to Zero
ICM will aim to be part of the UNFCCC Race to Zero Campaign, committing to science-based emissions reduction targets across all scopes, in line with 1.5C emissions scenarios and the criteria and recommendations of the Science Based Targets initiative.

Responsible Media Forum
ICM will aim to be signatories of the Responsible Media Forum Media Climate Pact – a coalition of companies committed to tackling climate change in the media sector.

With will aim to work with institutions and other leading media companies, we will aim and work to create a pioneering tool to map the carbon impacts of digital value chains.

Moody’s ESG
ICM will aim for a rating by Moody’s ESG Solutions by 2028, and strive for a score with an ESG score of 50 out of 100 placing us third in our global sector.

Sustainability Reports
Championing Sustainability
ICM will publish a range of sustainability reports and materials to provide deeper insight into our March-Forward activities and our performance and progress.