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INTERNATIONAL CREW MANAGEMENT, Inc is an American Global Marine Crew, Sports, Events and Talent Management company headquartered in New York City, United States of America.


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Shovkan Klavdia (Israel),
שובקן קלבדיה (ישראל)
We thrive on 5 Basic Principles of Jewish Values and Management for our businesses that are centered around the pillars of Knowledge, Integrity, Dialogue and Strategy and  Entrepreneurialism .

We believe in the success of Future of Global Commerce's sustainability which is thriving and integral to the Harmony of Human Race and The Nature we live in  through adoptability of our sustainability policies and its processes.

Our belief is further enhanced with our groups focus on personal relationships with our customers, partners, workforce and other stake holders including the community surrounding us.

As a strategy we always have long term perspective, with a strong sense of our traditions and culture that is people centric.

We take innovation, sustainability and unparalleled customer experiences one step further.

Discipline, Dedication and Ethics are our core commitment.

Captain Susarla Srinivas (קפטן סוסרלה סריניבס)

Founder & President

Our Company is a International Crew Management, Inc company headquartered at Newyork, United States of America.

Trained & Educated in Israel, United Kingdom, Singapore, France, India
Captain Susarla Srinivas, FICS, AMNI, AFRIN, F.NMIS, DSS, MIMS, CMMI is the founder of ICM, inc, NY, United States of America..

Research & Development
Our organization is tapped of well-experienced and knowledgeable officers, Staff and ex-Mariners who had been onboard different types of vessels.
In 2007 MRI was established in India. ISMERIT Ltd is culmination of those efforts.

Quality Services:
The corporate mission is to provide the best crewing services to our Principals by tapping the most qualified seafarers. Trained by us as recommended by the Pioneers and Leaders and teachers of the Industry.

1. To fulfill the needs, Requirements and desire of the client principals.
2. To recruit and retain the best pool of competent semen in the company rolls.
3. To encourage and help the seafarers in attaining the required level of knowledge to overcome
by training at our centers worldwide by the experts.
4. To continuously upgrade the technical know-how of the required crew complements.
Achievement of the above goals are obtained by having training facilities at each of our recruitment centers/offices. We understand the seafarers general frustration of having to attend training programs and up gradation courses while on leave. Sometimes having to pay extra money.
This helps in seafarers in not travelling for training purposes while they are on leave.
Our aim here is to help the seafarers spend most of their time with their families while on leave. We believe that this is a minor contribution to seafaring community as our company’s social responsibility.

Human Resource Philosophy:
ICM, Inc believes that TRUST is the most valuable asset. our policies are based on the belief that the success of the Company is primarily dependent on its human resources and that the professional development of each crewmember is as vital to the crew him/herself.

It is the policy of ICM to give each employee TRAINING and OPPORTUNITY so they will have the satisfaction and enjoyment that come from the work well done and to remain competitive in their line of expertise. To achieve this end, it is the policy of the company to:

  • Employ individuals solely on the basis of qualifications.
  • Recognize each person as individual throughout his period of association with the company.
  • Review periodically the performance of the crew and even the officers to keep them informed of their status.
  •  Provide review program so as to determine those who needed training or upgrading.
  •  Maintain salary scales which are competitive with those paid by our competitors, in the   effort   to attract the best of the seamen available in the market.
  •  Provide an attractive and efficient environment by fostering good relationships with the  families, dependents of the seamen and by fostering harmonious relationship among the crewmembers.
  •  Provide planned training and staff development activities as an investment for the mutual benefits of the seamen and the company.
  • Maintain an open and cordial communication lines between the seamen and the company including their families.
     9 . Provide financial planning and advisory services to the seafarers at no extra cost

Training Policy:
The company believes that today's complement is very much different from the practices of the past. Modern technology applies onboard virtually change the scenario. Today's crew needs not only muscles but brains as well coupled with sound theoretical knowledge. Modern practices requires them to understand the complexities of the machines they operate and to undertake effective maintenance of the same to ensure smooth and reliable operation and to minimize downtime.
Towards this end the company commits itself to:
Maintain an open line policy to the client Principals and the Masters, Chef Engineers of the vessels so as to identify the strength and the weaknesses of the officers and crewmembers in order to provide the appropriate training and upgrading courses.
An In-house training program that is continuous and well focus on meeting the needs and requirements of the client principals and to fit our crew to the peculiarity of the vessels they are assigned.
The company to tap the expertise of leading Training Institutions and experts in the industry and in order to elevate the knowledge of the company manpower: All crew to be deploy must be trained and examined according to their position.

  • Manning & Crew Management
  • Shipping Agency
  • Supply of Riding Gang
  • Supply of crew for oil & gas
  • Supply of crew & Officers for Tanker, Container, Bulk, Cargo, Log, etc.
  • Supply of Crew Personnel to passenger vessels & Commercial Yachts
    • a. Hotel Department
    • b. Food & Beverage Dept.
    • c. Casino Personnel
    • d. Photographers, etc
Our valued Partner Principals:
1. Synergy Maritime Business, Pte Ltd, (SMB), SINGAPORE
2. Prudent Ship Management, U.K
3. Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company Limited, London, United Kingdom
4. Scindia Steam Navigation Company Limited, London, United Kingdom
5. Dover Shipping Company Limited, London, United Kingdom
6. Scindia Petroleum FZE, UAE
7. Smart & Smart Maritime, Mumbai, India

To Provide the Clients/Principals with highly-qualified seafarers through effective evaluation and selection for their satisfaction;
  • To Maintain a competent and highly motivated work force, through continual upgrading of management skills;
  • To ensure the welfare of Seafarers and their families; and
  • To continually improve services through analysis of factual data and information as a basis for effective decisions with commitment to integrity and quality
To our valued clients
Asia is the new growth area of business today. The implementation of the ASIAN FREE TRADE (AFTA) further gave impetus to business opportunities in the region, which spell greater demands for shipping services to transport goods and create single world market. Shipping business centers are rising in this exciting part of the globe, particularly the centers for manning of the international merchant vessels.

To build a lasting connection with our clientele through high-quality and customized manning services, by providing first-class seafarers of all grades to match the ever growing requirements of the Maritime Industry who are:
Attuned to modern trends of the industry and inculcate a genuine concern for crew management, safety health, and protection of Marine environment.
Pro-active to the ideals of service excellence, customer satisfaction, and Tolerance for a multi-cultural environment.
Quality oriented management officers & staff, ever conscious in maintaining the good name of the company.



  • One of the most modern and technologically advanced fleets in Europe
  • One of the most sophisticated ground monitoring systems
  • The most up-to-date on-board safety flight systems
  • Committed to the highest standards of safety, quality, and protection of the environment.
  • Official service Centre for the maintenance of aircraft, engines, and equipment of the main original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Bell, Augusta Westland, Euro copter and Sikorsky.
  • First helicopter operator in Europe to obtain certification as a Design Organization Approval (DOA-POA-ROD)
  • Technical infrastructure and engineering for the simultaneous maintenance of 65 aircraft.
  • TRTO (Type Rating Training Organization).
  • Advanced helicopter simulators and agreements with manufacturer's international training centers.
  • More than €11m invested annually in training.
Safety management system
Our commitment to the highest safety standards through operational excellence is at the core of the company's values and corporate culture. We aim to define the best safety practices in our industry. Some of the actions we're taking right now include:
  • Conducting an analysis of the effectiveness of current SMS activities across the group of companies with Marsh ARAS.
  • Conducting Safety culture, scheduling and fatigue surveys across the group of companies.
  • Implementing a safety forum and database to support Group safety communication, improve information-sharing and enabling organizational learning and best practice.
  • Developing a Group safety strategy based on the results of the analysis, focusing on the standardization of Safety systems.
  • Implementing a safety culture strategy to improve safety reporting, management decision-making, accountability and employee feedback.
  • Ensuring that the best risk-management practices and tools are applied in all operational environments.

We work with our clients and partners to bring unmatched experiences in crew management, sports, events, media and fashion to the world. As part of the extensive Endeavor network, we are reshaping the way people engage with crew management.





OUR SERVICES Full Agency, Husbandry, Protective Agency, Bunker call Agency, Canal Transits, Hub Solutions, Dry Docking, Lay Ups, Cruise Services, Offshore Projects,


Our port service innovations bring you industry-leading performance and efficiency through an evolving ecosystem of solutions.


Through our global footprint, we have a presence close to where you wish to do business anywhere in the world offering a range of services that includes liner agency, freight forwarding, 3rd party logistics and terminals, exploration drilling, as well as break bulk and project logistics.


Our technology platforms leverage on advanced data intelligence while ensuring the highest standards of security to create better operational efficiency for your business.


Partnering with ICM We aim to grow our relationship with our suppliers and align them to our code of conduct with focus on: abiding by our QHSSE standards and program, commitment to elimination of all forms of corruption, continuous improvement and by providing an ethics and integrity package


We have extensive experience to cater to the special needs of offshore assets.


Re-activating your cruise ships and Maintenance.


Philosophy-Built to last Capability, Competence & Compliance - Lifetime Solutions


Predictable and hassle-free solution for dry docking - we deliver agency and products as one dry docking solution. Our aim? To ensure your dry docking requirements and schedules are met, avoiding delays and minimizing unexpected cost.


ICM, Inc provides comprehensive refrigeration solutions, ranging from high-quality refrigerants, maintenance equipment and spares to keep your systems working at their optimum.


Ropes Producing ropes exclusively for the maritime industry since 1772, Timm™ ropes are used on some of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced vessels. PHILOSOPHY SAFE-TESTED-COMPLIANT


Vessel Management LPG, LNG, Tanker ship, Cruise vessel, Container Ship, Bulk Carrier, Offshore Solutions, Offshore Wind Energy.


Crew Management, International Maritime Training, Crew Recruitment.


Vessel Accounting & Procurement


Ship Inspection Services, Lay-Up Management, New Building Supervision, We are ready to be deployed to any location to undertake the ship inspections on board.


With professional planning, preparation and execution, we make dry docking predictable and efficient.


ICM, Inc Ship Management's customized application for energy efficiency.


Risk Management & Systems Risk Management & Systems is the cornerstone of our operations. Our quality assurance is set at a high standard to safeguard ship owners, seafarers and the public from any risk.


Just Culture At ICM, inc Ship Management, our employees are our greatest asset. In line with this operating philosophy, we aim to create an environment were our employees can thrive.


Our New Energy segment focuses on building an ecosystem supporting energy transition. With segment companies representing energy infrastructure, offshore wind, and technology & decarbonisation, we are driving value-creation by bringing together their unique competencies.




Insurance Services We can handle all your marine insurance requirements. From purchasing to marine claims handling, we will ensure you have the right protection to meet your day-to-day operational needs




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Our dedicated legal team provides professional legal services. Services range from contract reviews to dispute resolutions, aiming at finding a pragmatic, commercial solution. Don't miss the small print!















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In all interactions and in every place we operate, ICM is committed to doing so lawfully, ethically and with integrity.
Our Code of Conduct and other global policies, some of which are listed here, provide guidance on how to apply these commitments to the way we work.
They cover how we work with each other, with our customers, suppliers and other key partners and communities.
We also operate a whistleblowing policy and reporting service called Speak Up. This lets anyone raise concerns relating to ICM, confidentially.

How we work
Code Of Conduct
Guiding colleagues to develop and sustain long-term and mutually beneficial connections with customers, business partners, investors, the communities in which we operate and one another.
Diversity and Inclusion Policy
Helping to create a fully inclusive working environment, free from unlawful and unfair discrimination that is a barrier to equality, diversity and inclusion.
Board Diversity & Inclusion Policy
How ICM's Board of Directors approaches and supports diversity and inclusion.
Sustainability Policy
Supporting colleagues and business partners to help ICM meet its sustainability target.
Health Security and Safety Policy
The ways in which we work to support the safety and effectiveness our operations and products
Partners and Suppliers
Business Partner Code of Conduct
Setting out the standards we expect of our business partners and those we work with
Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy
Setting out our commitment to acting without corruption and preventing acts of bribery, and only working with partners and third parties who share this focus.

Products and Content
Editorial Code
Ensuring ICM’s editorial and content providers maintain the highest professional and ethical standards.
Responsible Advertising Policy
Ensuring that all marketing communications reflect our Guiding Principles, are legal, truthful, and have consideration for their target audience
Paper Sourcing Policy
Ensuring that all paper and timber used in ICM products and services is sourced responsibly and sustainably.
Modern Slavery Statement
Setting out the action taken by ICM, including subsidiaries, to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking within our business and supply chain
US Transparency in Coverage
Machine-readable files that are made available in response to the US federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and include negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers
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Privacy statement
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Updated 14. March 2023
Wilh. International Crew Management, Inc and all business units in the International Crew Management, Inc group where ICM has control directly (more than 50%) or via its business units (Hereinafter referred to as the ICM, Inc) processes personal data as an employer, as a supplier of services, for marketing purposes and in connection with visits to this website.
As controller, ICM processes personal data for the following main purposes: 
(i) Customer and supplier information
ICM ,inc processes personal data regarding customers and suppliers as well as any third parties required for the performance of contractual obligations. This personal information may be exchanged between the various legal entities within ICM, but will not be disclosed to other businesses, unless otherwise stated in the service contracts.
The information being processed is contact information for customers and suppliers.
Personal data is stored in a separate database and deleted five years after completion of the customer relationship.

The legal basis for this processing is that the processing is necessary for fulfilling a contract or that it is in our legitimate interest to meet request and to improve our business and services and these interests are not overridden by the rights to data protection.
(ii) Marketing
ICM, Inc processes personal data for marketing purposes. This personal information may be exchanged between the various legal entities within ICM, but will not be disclosed to other businesses.
ICM, Inc processes contact information of potential customers in a separate database. The information is obtained from publicly available sources, such as the websites of companies, or from direct contact with the company in question. The purpose of this processing of personal data is to promote marketing for our services and coordinate this marketing effort.
The legal basis for the above processing is that ICM, Inc has a legitimate interest in contacting potential customers to promote our services, and in our opinion this interest is not overridden by the interests of the data subject. Reference is here made to the fact that we only process contact information relating to the data subjects position at his/her employer.
Personal data relating to potential customers will be deleted within one year after they were added to the database, unless a customer relationship is established - or consent to further storage is given.
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When you apply for a job through our website, we use a job application portal operated by an external service provider on our behalf, for processing and handling your job application.
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Personal data relating to vacant positions and applications will be deleted one year after you applied for onshore positions and after three years for seafarer positions, unless you are employed or explicit consent for further storage is given.
We may desire to retain your personal data to consider you for future employment opportunities. In such an event, we will seek your consent, either during or after you formally apply for a job opportunity.
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ICM, Inc share data with TRACE, a globally recognized anti-bribery business organisation, for the purpose of performing integrity due diligence of our business partners. For more information about purposes and categories of personal data processed by Trace, see their privacy policy - TRACE international Privacy policy
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Address: Datatilsynet, Postboks 8177 Dep., 0152 Oslo
Tel: +47 22 39 69 00
Data Protection Officer
International Crew Management, Inc has its own privacy representative who assists with guidance so that personal information is processed in accordance with the GDPR.
Requests for access, rectification and erasure, as well as reports of security breaches, are handled by the data protection officer.
If you have any questions about International Crew Management’s processing of personal data or if you want to make use of your rights as described above, please contact our Data protection officer:
We will endeavor to answer your questions and advise you on any steps taken to address the issues raised by you. 
Changes to this Privacy Statement
We may update this Privacy Statement at any time. We encourage you to check our Privacy Statement regularly for any changes in order to stay informed about how International Crew Management protects and uses your personal data.
Brazilian General Data Protection Law
For cases related to Brazilian General Data Protection Law, please contact the local Data Protection Officer by e-mail:

Para casos relacionados ao Brasil, por favor entrar em contato com o Encarregado de Dados através do correio eletrônico:

Our aim is to become an ever more sustainable, positive impact business.

We focus on the areas in which we can make the most significant contribution: our operations, the content and knowledge ICM’s brands provide and the communities in which we work.

March-Forward, our five year sustainability programme, contains ambitious commitments to embed sustainability into everything we do and help our customers and markets do the same.

ICM Sustainability Programme

March-Forward is ICM's approach to sustainable business.

Our aim is to become an ever more sustainable, positive impact business. Through the March-Forward programme, we are embedding sustainability into everything we do and seizing opportunities from helping our customers and markets do the same.

March-Forward is a structured three-part programme with ambitious commitments and a wide range of activities, covering ICM's business operations, our brands and products and our broader community impact.

When it comes to sustainability, we’re Marching-Forward.

Climate Impact
Managing the impacts of climate change is among the most pressing issues across society today.

At ICM, we are taking accelerated steps to reduce our carbon and waste footprint and to help our customers understand their own climate impacts, championing the shift to a lower carbon future across the specialist markets we work in.

Sustainable Products
It is important that our products and services are created and delivered in a sustainable way. But we also go further.

In every market, our customers are looking for knowledge and connections that help them understand, manage and seize opportunities from environmental and social developments.
That's why relevant sustainability content, features and partnerships are embedded throughout ICM's brands and products.

Community Impact
ICM's businesses, brands and colleagues are part of many different communities, from the professional communities our products and services support to the local communities in which we live and work.

We aim to multiply the positive impact ICM has by supporting and connecting our communities in a range of ways.

Recognition & Memberships
Our sustainability strategy and performance will be regularly evaluated by various independent research agencies, analysts and partners.

We aim to consistent in our approach and improve one the recognition that we will receive for our efforts and achievements as we will strive to become a champion of sustainability within our business and across the specialist markets we serve.

Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)
ICM will aim to be included in the DJSI World Index, which ranks listed companies on their achievements in economic, social and environmental areas relevant to long-term corporate performance.

ICM will strive to be member of CDP in 2024

ICM will aim for an AA MSCI ESG Rating, which measures a company’s resilience to long-term, financially relevant environmental, social, and governance risk. We will strive to be ranked in the top 5% of companies in our industry.

ICM will strive to be recognized by ratings agency ISS ESG and given a Corporate Rating of C+, putting us in the top 10% within our industry.

Ethibel Sustainability Index
ICM will aim to be a constituent of the Ethibel Sustainability Index Excellence Europe, recognizing that we will strive to be among the top companies in Europe in the area of sustainability.

ICM will strive to be a FTSE4Good Index Series member, demonstrating our strong environmental, social and governance practices.

Carbon Neutral
ICM will aim and work towards achieving CarbonNeutral® certification in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol, moving closer to reaching one of our Faster to Zero goals of becoming carbon neutral as a business and across our products by 2030.

Sustainalytics' ESG Risk Rating combines an assessment of exposure to industry specific material ESG issues and how well a company is managing those risks to arrive at an ESG Risk Rating that is comparable across all industries across five categories of risk: negligible, low, medium, high and severe. We will aim to follow the guidelines while planning our Future Policy and approach towards Risk Rating.

Race to Zero
ICM will aim to be part of the UNFCCC Race to Zero Campaign, committing to science-based emissions reduction targets across all scopes, in line with 1.5C emissions scenarios and the criteria and recommendations of the Science Based Targets initiative.

Responsible Media Forum
ICM will aim to be signatories of the Responsible Media Forum Media Climate Pact – a coalition of companies committed to tackling climate change in the media sector.

With will aim to work with institutions and other leading media companies, we will aim and work to create a pioneering tool to map the carbon impacts of digital value chains.

Moody’s ESG
ICM will aim for a rating by Moody’s ESG Solutions by 2028, and strive for a score with an ESG score of 50 out of 100 placing us third in our global sector.

Sustainability Reports
Championing Sustainability
ICM will publish a range of sustainability reports and materials to provide deeper insight into our March-Forward activities and our performance and progress.

Investor relations image
Investor relations
Our goal is to create shareholder value through the competitive return on our investments. Contact us through the link provided and we will reach out to you. for a discussion.

Investor relations policy
As a company based in NY, USA, we endeavor to have an open and active dialogue with investors, analysts and other financial stakeholders.
The IMC, Inc investor relations policy is based on the Oslo Børs Code of Practice for IR.
English is the main language for disclosure of financial information and other investor information.

Publication of information
IMC, Inc will publish interim reports each quarter in addition to half-yearly and annual reports.
Periodic financial reports will include a summary outlook for the next period.
Information on the IMC, Inc website
The main source of financial information about the IMC, Inc group is the “Investors” section of the IMC, Inc website. This section includes among other information on investor relations policy, largest shareholders, share price, dividend policy and history, registrar, analysts, debt, financial reports and presentations, financial calendar, financial news, and investor relations contact.
Main governing elements are available under the “About IMC, Inc” section of the IMC, Inc website. This section includes among other information on articles of association, board of directors, group management team, code of conduct, general meetings, nomination committee, and remuneration guidelines for senior executives.
Company news are available on the “Media centre” section of the IMC, Inc website.
We do not maintain a list of beneficial owners.
We do not publish research and estimates made by brokering firms/analysts. 
A list of primary IMC, Inc insiders is available on the IMC, Inc section of the Euronext website.
IMC, Inc has not published a full financial strategy but has a policy of consistent communication of financial performance and ratios. General information on the group debt financing is provided in a separate section of the “Investor” section of the IMC, Inc website, but we do not publish details on individual loans.

whistleblowing channel image
Welcome to the ICM, Inc group whistleblowing channel.
Any reports received is viewed seriously  within the organization at the highest level. We take action!

The whistleblowing channel provides all IMC, Inc employees and external stakeholders with a secure, confidential location to report violations of laws, our governing elements, internal policies, and human rights grievances.
We endorse the highest ethical standards and hold a strong commitment to achieving the right results the right way. Therefore, it is important that we have a channel where people reporting violations or grievances are protected, and possible violations can be reported and then dealt with as quickly as possible.
All reports are treated in a strictly confidential manner. Should you wish to remain anonymous, it is not possible for IMC, Inc group to trace your identity through this channel.
You may monitor the progress of your case by logging in with the case number issued to you upon submission of your report and using the password you have selected.
Thank you for using the IMC, Inc group whistleblowing channel.

Make a report
In which country did the incident(s) you wish to report take place?
Where (business area/vessel/city) did the concern / incident(s) occur?
When did the incident(s) you wish to report take place?
What do you wish to report? Please describe the incident(s) in as much detail as possible. Describe in as much detail as possible what you have observed. Try to answer the following questions: who, what, where, when and how.

Contact Information
Please provide your contact details if we may contact you:
I wish to remain anonymous
Phone number
We will provide a secure inbox link

Secure Inbox
By establishing a secure mailbox, you may anonymously submit additional information related to the case or answer potential questions from the case handler.
Whether you wish to remain anonymous or not, we encourage you to create an a secure mailbox as this will make communication easier.

Remember to write down your case number and selected password if you want to follow the case and communicate with those processing the case. To follow your case, please log in with your password.

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