Our Company is a International Crew Management, Inc company headquartered at Newyork, United States of America.

Trained & Educated in Israel, United Kingdom, Singapore, France, India
Captain Susarla Srinivas, FICS, AMNI, AFRIN, F.NMIS, DSS, MIMS, CMMI is the founder of ICM, inc, NY, United States of America..

Research & Development
Our organization is tapped of well-experienced and knowledgeable officers, Staff and ex-Mariners who had been onboard different types of vessels.
In 2007 MRI was established in India. ISMERIT Ltd is culmination of those efforts.

Quality Services:
The corporate mission is to provide the best crewing services to our Principals by tapping the most qualified seafarers. Trained by us as recommended by the Pioneers and Leaders and teachers of the Industry.

1. To fulfill the needs, Requirements and desire of the client principals.
2. To recruit and retain the best pool of competent semen in the company rolls.
3. To encourage and help the seafarers in attaining the required level of knowledge to overcome
by training at our centers worldwide by the experts.
4. To continuously upgrade the technical know-how of the required crew complements.
Achievement of the above goals are obtained by having training facilities at each of our recruitment centers/offices. We understand the seafarers general frustration of having to attend training programs and up gradation courses while on leave. Sometimes having to pay extra money.
This helps in seafarers in not travelling for training purposes while they are on leave.
Our aim here is to help the seafarers spend most of their time with their families while on leave. We believe that this is a minor contribution to seafaring community as our company’s social responsibility.

Human Resource Philosophy:
ICM, Inc believes that TRUST is the most valuable asset. our policies are based on the belief that the success of the Company is primarily dependent on its human resources and that the professional development of each crewmember is as vital to the crew him/herself.

It is the policy of ICM to give each employee TRAINING and OPPORTUNITY so they will have the satisfaction and enjoyment that come from the work well done and to remain competitive in their line of expertise. To achieve this end, it is the policy of the company to:

  • Employ individuals solely on the basis of qualifications.
  • Recognize each person as individual throughout his period of association with the company.
  • Review periodically the performance of the crew and even the officers to keep them informed of their status.
  •  Provide review program so as to determine those who needed training or upgrading.
  •  Maintain salary scales which are competitive with those paid by our competitors, in the   effort   to attract the best of the seamen available in the market.
  •  Provide an attractive and efficient environment by fostering good relationships with the  families, dependents of the seamen and by fostering harmonious relationship among the crewmembers.
  •  Provide planned training and staff development activities as an investment for the mutual benefits of the seamen and the company.
  • Maintain an open and cordial communication lines between the seamen and the company including their families.
     9 . Provide financial planning and advisory services to the seafarers at no extra cost

Training Policy:
The company believes that today's complement is very much different from the practices of the past. Modern technology applies onboard virtually change the scenario. Today's crew needs not only muscles but brains as well coupled with sound theoretical knowledge. Modern practices requires them to understand the complexities of the machines they operate and to undertake effective maintenance of the same to ensure smooth and reliable operation and to minimize downtime.
Towards this end the company commits itself to:
Maintain an open line policy to the client Principals and the Masters, Chef Engineers of the vessels so as to identify the strength and the weaknesses of the officers and crewmembers in order to provide the appropriate training and upgrading courses.
An In-house training program that is continuous and well focus on meeting the needs and requirements of the client principals and to fit our crew to the peculiarity of the vessels they are assigned.
The company to tap the expertise of leading Training Institutions and experts in the industry and in order to elevate the knowledge of the company manpower: All crew to be deploy must be trained and examined according to their position.

  • Manning & Crew Management
  • Shipping Agency
  • Supply of Riding Gang
  • Supply of crew for oil & gas
  • Supply of crew & Officers for Tanker, Container, Bulk, Cargo, Log, etc.
  • Supply of Crew Personnel to passenger vessels & Commercial Yachts
    • a. Hotel Department
    • b. Food & Beverage Dept.
    • c. Casino Personnel
    • d. Photographers, etc
Our valued Partner Principals:
1. Synergy Maritime Business, Pte Ltd, (SMB), SINGAPORE
2. Prudent Ship Management, U.K
3. Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company Limited, London, United Kingdom
4. Scindia Steam Navigation Company Limited, London, United Kingdom
5. Dover Shipping Company Limited, London, United Kingdom
6. Scindia Petroleum FZE, UAE
7. Smart & Smart Maritime, Mumbai, India

To Provide the Clients/Principals with highly-qualified seafarers through effective evaluation and selection for their satisfaction;
  • To Maintain a competent and highly motivated work force, through continual upgrading of management skills;
  • To ensure the welfare of Seafarers and their families; and
  • To continually improve services through analysis of factual data and information as a basis for effective decisions with commitment to integrity and quality
To our valued clients
Asia is the new growth area of business today. The implementation of the ASIAN FREE TRADE (AFTA) further gave impetus to business opportunities in the region, which spell greater demands for shipping services to transport goods and create single world market. Shipping business centers are rising in this exciting part of the globe, particularly the centers for manning of the international merchant vessels.

To build a lasting connection with our clientele through high-quality and customized manning services, by providing first-class seafarers of all grades to match the ever growing requirements of the Maritime Industry who are:
Attuned to modern trends of the industry and inculcate a genuine concern for crew management, safety health, and protection of Marine environment.
Pro-active to the ideals of service excellence, customer satisfaction, and Tolerance for a multi-cultural environment.
Quality oriented management officers & staff, ever conscious in maintaining the good name of the company.



  • One of the most modern and technologically advanced fleets in Europe
  • One of the most sophisticated ground monitoring systems
  • The most up-to-date on-board safety flight systems
  • Committed to the highest standards of safety, quality, and protection of the environment.
  • Official service Centre for the maintenance of aircraft, engines, and equipment of the main original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Bell, Augusta Westland, Euro copter and Sikorsky.
  • First helicopter operator in Europe to obtain certification as a Design Organization Approval (DOA-POA-ROD)
  • Technical infrastructure and engineering for the simultaneous maintenance of 65 aircraft.
  • TRTO (Type Rating Training Organization).
  • Advanced helicopter simulators and agreements with manufacturer's international training centers.
  • More than €11m invested annually in training.
Safety management system
Our commitment to the highest safety standards through operational excellence is at the core of the company's values and corporate culture. We aim to define the best safety practices in our industry. Some of the actions we're taking right now include:
  • Conducting an analysis of the effectiveness of current SMS activities across the group of companies with Marsh ARAS.
  • Conducting Safety culture, scheduling and fatigue surveys across the group of companies.
  • Implementing a safety forum and database to support Group safety communication, improve information-sharing and enabling organizational learning and best practice.
  • Developing a Group safety strategy based on the results of the analysis, focusing on the standardization of Safety systems.
  • Implementing a safety culture strategy to improve safety reporting, management decision-making, accountability and employee feedback.
  • Ensuring that the best risk-management practices and tools are applied in all operational environments.